Automatizácia železničnej dopravy, a.s.

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Actual construction

Motorway D1 Mengusovce - Jánovce, distance 14,230 - 25,850 km

Crossroad reconstruction Dlhý Rad - Klenová - Radničné square in Bardejov

Motorway D2 Lamačská street - Staré Grunty

Information portal construction - manufacture of AŽD Bratislava, Inc.

Offer for  free production capacity in the areas:


· Railway transport interlocking, communication and information equipment

· Switch-boards and universal power supply source until 1000 V

· Technical equipment according to project documentation

· Production of steel weldment constructions up to weight 2000kg

· Lathe and locksmiths products according to customer requirements



Offer of the  free stakeout  storage facilities in the  production centre Čierna nad Tisou. The storage facilities, are situated  2 km from Ukrainian  and 4 km from Hungarian frontier. There is  possible to build up of individual customs warehouse with own railway siding.